Thebestmaster, also known as the Forsaken Master or Besty, is a Disaster Master created by Steve. Only written about in the scariest of tomes, his power was said to be so great that the Knight himself sealed him within Glass Mountain, on the cold side of the Crystal Kingdom. In reality, this tale of his power seems to be quite the exaggeration.

Appearance Edit

Thebestmaster is very small, and appropriately Halloween-themed. He has a jack-o-lantern head, a patchwork body, Frankenstien Bolts, and marionette strings holding up a pair of unattached hands. A snake seems to be perpetually chasing a mouse around the brim of his top hat.

Personality Edit

He seems to believe he is very scary, and wants very much to do a good job, even going so far as giving out surveys in hopes of getting feedback to improve.

Abilities Edit

His powers take the form of an ominous elevator, with each floor taking victims to another one of what is called The Thousand Fears. Each room is meant to exploit a common phobia (heights, enclosed spaces, rollercoasters, etc.). However, due to a misunderstanding of the meaning of the fear, or simply poor execution, Thebestmaster usually fails to scare anyone at all.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Gigi D.G., the snake and mouse on his hat are named Snakesty and Mousty respectively.
  • According to the chapter four Q&A, Besty does not know what horses are.
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