"What happened, hon? Was it really a monster?"
— Tartelette

Tartelette runs a bakery with her sister Baguette just outside Caketown Castle. She usually makes the pastries and cakes, but since the sugar shortage, that side of the bakery has been kind of empty.

Appearance Edit

Tartelette has light skin, wavy pink hair, and light brown eyes. She has a slim build and is a head taller than Cucumber.

Tartelette wears a dark pink dress with a white frilly apron over it, fastened with a light pink bow. Tartelette's apron has a heart shaped design on the front. Her hair is in a ponytail, partially covered by a simple white bonnet fastened with red currant barettes. She wears white and pink striped stockings, and pink shoes.

Personality Edit

Tartelette is sweet and kind, always believing in the best of people. Unlike her sister, she is able to stay calm and level-headed when something makes her mad. However, she gets scared quite easily, especially when magic or monsters are involved.

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