"Call me 'R' for revitalized, darlings."
— Mr. R

Rubus Brambleby, also known as Mr. R or Brambleby, is the royal couturier of the Flower Kingdom, and is the editor-in-chief of the kingdom’s most famous fashion magazine. He lives and works in Botanica Springs, Dreamside's fashion capital.

Before Chapter 3, he pretended to be Saturday's butler for currently unknown reasons. Whilst doing so, he appeared to be mute, and usually used a whiteboard to convey his words. When his whiteboard was unavailable, he used strangely convenient prewritten signs, or prewritten palm cards.

Appearance Edit

Mr. R has pale green skin, light magenta hair, and dark green facial hair. He is tall and has a muscular build.

He wears a dark purple suit, dusty purple waistcoat, white shirt, and light pink tie. He accessorizes with a lapel flower, dark sunglasses, and purple nail polish.

While impersonating a butler, he wears a bottle green suit, white shirt, black bow tie, and a white pocket square, while covering his eyes and shaving his beard.

Personality Edit

Mr. R is very 'cool'. He is calm and collected, and seemingly ready for anything. He is able to make swift decisions (at least, about fashion) and has a very 'fashionable eye'. He is very loyal to the Flower Kingdom's royal family, and even went so far as to aid Princess Azalea's secret identity; the thief Saturday. When he is undercover as Saturday's butler, he presents as being stoic and emotionless, but not unkind.

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