"You might think I'm going soft on you. But I haven't given up. Not yet. And until we've won...I never will."
— Rosemaster [1]

Rosemaster is the fourth of the Nightmare Knight's Disaster Masters, and lives within the Flower Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Rosemaster has pale green skin, deep red hair resembling a rose bouquet, and glowing red eyes that are usually covered. She has leaves on her shoulders, and large leaves covering her hands. She is the same height as the Dream Oracle, making her taller than most of the adult characters.[1]

She usually wears a long dark green dress with jagged edges, but has also been seen in a sequined red ballgown. Super Rosemaster wears an elaborate black ballgown, and the leaves/thorns on her shoulders appear black and she has thorns protruding from her arms, and her hair is noticeably bigger.

However, as seen near the end of Chapter 3, her true form is of a beautiful woman of a pink hue, which makes her resemble more of a pink rose. Her hair is more softer and puffier. Her shoulders are covered in leaves and her arms and hands are more visible. Her full face is revealed and she wears a more elegant gown than her Disaster Master form. She appears to be more human than of a plant.


Rosemaster's true form.

Personality Edit

Rosemaster is mysterious, clever, and alluring. She is probably the best at communicating with non-Disaster Masters. Rosemaster is very determined, but she also finds it tiring to never give up. She is implied to be the most dedicated Disaster Master.

She also has a soft side, as revealed by the roselings that she didn't curse them, but was able to win some over because she was "kind to (them)", and "actually cared for (them)".

Abilities Edit

Rosemaster has the ability to control large, thick tendrils of rose stems with thorns, and they are implied to be able to cause severe bodily harm. She can erase or modify the memories of anyone with a flower based name, including Doughnut Kingdom citizens named after flowering fruits or vegetables. When she does so, a flower representing that person will appear among her vines, and destroying them will return peoples memories to their normal state. Characters whose names cannot be represented by a plant, like Nautilus and Peridot, are immune to this power.

She also has a small army of rosebud-like sidekicks called Roselings. Originally The Guardener's Guardlings, she won them over to her side by treating them kindly.
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.19.29 pm

'Super Rosemaster'

It is also implied that Rosemaster is a skilled seamstress, as she has a large collection of well-made dresses in her basement.

With the help of the Hocus Crocus, Rosemaster is able to increase her power twofold, and become 'Super Rosemaster'.

Story Edit

Like the other disaster masters, Rosemaster was resurrected by Queen Cordelia. She took over the Flower Kingdom, and erased everybody's memories of the royal family; she then brainwashed said royal family into helping her obtain the Hocus Crocus (which would increase her power by twofold). She engineered a plan in which Mr. R would select a contestant to obtain the Hocus Crocus for her.

Chapter 3 Edit

Rosemaster is first introduced on page 523, but is seen more clearly on the following page. She talks to Nightmare Knight about the new heroes, after he warns her they're approaching. The duo reminisce over old memories, before saying that she'll "never go soft", and scratches her mirror with her claws. She asks Nightmare Knight to enjoy the drama, but grows calmer after he leaves, saying she "really [meant] that".

We next see Rosemaster when Princess Nautilus meets her, deep inside Rosemaster's hideout. The two briefly talk, before Rosemaster attempts to capture Nautilus using her vines. Nautilus tries to use Liquus, but Rosemaster is immune to Liquus' electric shock, and throws him to the ground. Before Rosemaster can apprehend Nautilus, however Commander Caboodle arrives and rescues Nautilus.

A Roseling is next shown reporting that Caboodle & Nautilus have been lost, and Rosemaster tells the Roseling not to worry. For now, she says, focus on the contest.

After Peridot is captured by the Roselings and Rosemaster, Rosemaster briefly talks to Peridot. She chides Peridot for nearly ruining her plan, and riles up the Roselings, causing them to yell at Peridot. After threatening to get rid of Peridot, she heads outside. Rosemaster soon collapses to the ground, crying. She is met with Glitchmaster. She is surprised at Glitchmaster's arrival, and Glitchmaster reveals the reason for her visit; she shows Rosemaster footage of a protective shield forming around Melody Kingdom, protecting it from Noisemaster's Noise blast; both Rosemaster & Glitchmaster recognize this to be the work of Nightmare Knight. Rosemaster breaks down as this betrayal, but Glitchmaster offers a solution; give the powerful "trophy" (later revealed to be the Hocus Crocus) to her, and together, they'll take over Dreamside and "remove" Nightmare Knight.

After Azalea gives Rosemaster the Hocus Crocus, Glitchmaster asks for it. However, Rosemaster hesitates, and uses the Hocus Crocus to increase her own power instead.

When she is next seen, she appears much taller and more powerful, and has captured Azalea. She carries the Hocus Crocus in her hand, as a spiral formation of thorns appears behind her head. She wears an elaborate black ballgown, and the leaves/thorns on her shoulders appear black and she has thorns protruding from her arms. After grabbing Almond, she knocks out Peridot, Cucumber, Caboodle, & Nautilus, and then tosses Almond onto the ruins of the Old Botanica Gardens. In a scene similar to when Cucumber, Almond, Carrot, & the other contest contestants arrived on an elevator to the gardens, Rosemaster grows to be as tall as statue, her hair turning into branches, which attack Almond.

Trivia Edit

  • Rosemaster was previously called Thornmaster.
  • Gigi has stated on tumblr that Rosemaster is transgender.
  • Rosemaster while being super-powered by the Hocus Crocus is known as "Super Rosemaster".
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