"You really ought to do something about your pessimism, Cucumber. After all, there's nothing a positive attitude can't help you achieve!"
— Princess Nautilus [1]

Princess Nautilus is the princess of the Ripple Kingdom and the daughter of King Kelp and Queen Conch. She provides a source of endless optimism and cheerfulness for the team. While she doesn't directly participate in battles, she's able to use her Royal Instrument of Summoning to summon Liquus, an eel-like creature which is able to shock anything that touches it.

Appearance Edit

Princess Nautilus has light brown skin, bright blue hair with star charms in it, and dark brown eyes. She is slightly taller than Cucumber.

Nautilus wears a long dress with a light blue patterned skirt, dark blue bodice, gauze-like pink sleeves, and cream-coloured trim. She wears white sandals on her feet. Nautilus also wears brown-rimmed glasses, pink earrings shaped like fish, and a string of pearls.

She has rabbit ears that curve outward slightly, like most people native to the Ripple Kingdom. She also wears two hair decorations that appear to resemble Nautilus shells.


Nautilus is a dauntless optimist; practically nothing can dampen her outlook on life. Even when facing the Nightmare Knight himself, she keeps up a positive attitude. She enjoys adventuring with our Heroes and provides advice and support whenever she can. Although she's usually very easygoing, she doesn't like being the butt of jokes or being made fun of (or seeing somebody who takes her limbo crown). She takes her duties as princess of the Ripple Kingdom very seriously and is proud of having those responsibilities.


Nautilus has extensive knowledge of the legends about the Nightmare Knight and the seven Disaster Masters. Unfortunately, her lackluster memory means that she tends to remember things just a tad too late. As proof of her royal heritage, she carries with her a Royal Instrument of Summoning (which resembles a shell-like cell phone) from which she can summon her eel-like companion, Liquus. After the Royal Instrument was broken, having fallen a long way after knocked out of her hands by Panpipe, it was upgraded into a nicer smartphone model.[2] Nautilus never battles by herself, (unless it's limbo), and often summons Liquus to her aid.

Also, thanks to the Extremely Specific and Pretty Much Completely Worthless Capsule Spell Machine, Nautilus has the ability to successfully order pizza when nobody wants pizza.

Trivia Edit

  • She really doesn't like being called "Nautie."
  • She can't see a thing without her glasses.
  • Nautilus can't swim.
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