"Mute and me, we been through a lot together. I look out for him, he looks out for me."
Noisemaster [1]

Mutemaster is one of two Disaster Masters assigned to rule the Melody Kingdom alongside Noisemaster.


Mutemaster's personality is fairly neutral, and he gets along well with Noisemaster in spite of the two's glaring differences. He doesn't speak aside from a soft mumbling or humming noise. Like Noisemaster, though, he can be incredibly dangerous when provoked.


Where Noisemaster's abilities come from being overly loud, Mutemaster's strength is in his quietness. He is capable of completely drowning out any noise at all, even the sound of Princess Piano's screaming. He can also create a blanket of complete silence that stops people and objects from moving (without stopping time). This power also negates magic and extends to affecting technology, and Mutemaster can use it from anywhere in the Melody Kingdom.[2]


Mutemaster appeared briefly at the start of Chapter 2 and again in the final arc of the chapter.

While Mutemaster wasn't explicitly seen at the start of Chapter 2, he was the one wrapped inside the "present" left outside Princess Piano's door and also the one who kidnapped her and brought her to Rhythm Ridge. During Noisemaster's broadcast, Piano's screaming upset him, and when he tried to silence her with his power, he accidentally shorted out the camera and ended the broadcast early.

When the Heroes attempted to fly over Intermezzo Wall in the blimp, Mutemaster used his power to make the blimp crash in front of the wall.


After the Noise Blaster failed to destroy Trebleopolis and Noisemaster lost hope, reverting to Disaster Stone form, Mutemaster followed him shortly after and gave up without a fight.

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