Glitchmaster is one of the seven Disaster Masters that serves the Nightmare Knight. Her first appearance was at Interlude 2. It is unknown which Kingdom she lives in, but it is often assumed that she rules over the Space Kingdom due to her technological theme.

Personality Edit

Glitchmaster is very intelligent, and is able to get her hands on information that even Rosemaster was not able to find. She wants nothing more than to conquer Dreamside and achieve victory, and will stop at nothing to get to her goal, even if it means destroying the Nightmare Knight himself. She's cautious and careful, having Rosemaster get the Hocus Crocus instead of herself as otherwise the Nightmare Knight would become suspicious of her being in the Flower Kingdom.

Abilities Edit

Glitchmaster is able to affect the speech and vision of others around her, and teleport to different locations. She may also be able to change her shape and form to look like others, or possibly create holograms that have almost the exact likeness of others, as evidence when she created the red-eyed, starless Nightmare Knight during interlude 2. As the strongest of all 7 disaster masters, and being the closest in power when compared to the Nightmare Knight, she may have current unrevealed abilities.

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