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Botanica Springs, capital of the Flower Kingdom.

The Flower Kingdom is located in the southernmost island of Dreamside. It is shaped like a tropical flower. The royal family consists of King Aster, King Sunflower, and Princess Azalea

In Book 4, it is described as Dreamside's smallest kingdom, with the population concentrated in Botanica Springs, and the rest being untamed wilderness. It is built atop a large tree, with roots extending deep underground into the ruins of an ancient Flower Kingdom that was devastated by the Nightmare Knight long ago. 

People & Culture Edit

Flower Kingdom citizens have flower or plant-themed names, such as Aster, Maple, and Tulip. Flower Kingdom ears end abruptly in 3 petal-like shapes, and have no curve. Skin tones in the Flower Kingdom are usually yellow-tinted brown, pastel colors, or plain white.

The Flower Kingdom is known as the fashion capital of Dreamside, and it's most well-known publication is R Magazine.

Locations Edit

Botanica Springs Edit

Botanica Springs is the capital of the Flower Kingdom, and Dreamside's "fashion capital". Mr. R and most fashionable people reside in Botanica Springs.

Old Botanica Ruins Edit

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The Old Botanica Ruins are just outside of Botanica Springs. They are where the Princess R Contest took place, and presumably where Rosemaster made her lair.

Queen Lotus' Garden Edit

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Queen Lotus' garden is a large, lush garden surrounded by water located near the Old Botanica Ruins. It is guarded and tended to by The Guardener and his Guardlings. There is a large cornucopia-like plant in the middle of the garden that houses the Hocus Crocus. It is regarded by the Flower Kingdom as a sacred place. Whoever gets it will double his powers by it's blooming years... which is usually 1.

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