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A map of the Doughnut Kingdom from Cucumber Quest Book 1.[1]

Sitting in the middle of Dreamside, the Doughnut Kingdom is, as its name implies, doughnut-shaped. It was ruled by King Croissant and Princess Parfait until Queen Cordelia took over. Unlike the other kingdoms of Dreamside, the Doughnut Kingdom does not appear to have a Disaster Master, although it is currently the residence of the Nightmare Knight.

People and CultureEdit

Doughnut Kingdom denizens take their names from food, mostly desserts and vegetables, although other foods are among the cast. The only known residents named after a meat are Bacon and Food-on-Food host Brisket Sweats. Doughnut Kingdom ears are plain and could be described as the "default" ear shape for the kingdoms of Dreamside. Skin tones in the Doughnut Kingdom are mostly light or pastel shades of peach, pink, orange, and yellow.

People from the Doughnut Kingdom are sensible and dependable. They are loyal to their friends and always keep their promises. While Doughnut Kingdom residents are diverse, bravery appears to be a common trait.


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Caketown Castle.

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The streets of Caketown.

Caketown is the captial of the Doughnut Kingdom and the largest city in the nation. It is home to many patisseries, bakeries, ice cream stores, and inns. [2] Caketown Castle is the focal point of the city, as it is huge, beautiful, and home to the royal family. Lately, however, the castle has become less happy now that the King has been turned into stone and the Princess is trapped in one of the towers.

Gumdrop ForestEdit

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Carrot and Almond in the Gumdrop Forest.

Gumdrop Forest is located on the edge of Caketown. It is an expansive wooded area that is located in front of the Rock Candy Caves. The forest is guarded by Grizzlygum, and features many multicolored trees and bright green grass.

Rock Candy Caves Edit

Doughnut kingdom2

The Dream Oracle's house in the Rock Candy Caves. [3]

The Rock Candy Caves are located through the Gumdrop Forest, and the journey to them is mostly regarded as dangerous and difficult - even though it seems to be very easy for all except Sir Carrot. Within the Caves is the Dream Oracle's home. The Caves are also where Tartelette and Baguette source their sugar from, to make the sweet goods at their bakery.

Tiramisu TowerEdit

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Saturday's hideout in the Doughnut Kingdom, Tiramisu Tower is located at the edge of the Flatbread Flatlands. The area surrounding it is a desert-like expanse. The top floor acts as a treasure trove which holds all sorts of stolen goods.


Saltine is a port city through which most of the Doughnut Kingdom's travel is conducted.

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