Splashmaster's first appearance, and the first appearance of a Disaster Master.[1]

"The Nightmare Knight created seven monsters and appointed them to rule over the conquered kingdoms of Dreamside. They became known as the Disaster Masters, and each one was more powerful than the last."
Princess Nautilus [2]

The Disaster Masters are seven monsters which rule the kingdoms of Dreamside in the event that the Nightmare Knight is summoned. Each one has a corresponding Disaster Stone that is given to the Legendary Hero when the Disaster Master is defeated.

Each kingdom of Dreamside has one Disaster Master assigned to it, with two exceptions: the Doughnut Kingdom, which has no Disaster Master; and the Melody Kingdom, which has two.


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Splashmaster is the slow, squid-like ruler of the Ripple Kingdom. What he misses in smarts, he makes up for in power and a sore loser attitude. When defeated, he released the Splash Stone, which gave Cucumber the ability to use powerful water spells.


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Noisemaster is one of the Disaster Masters in charge of the Melody Kingdom along with Mutemaster. He's very small, standing only about a foot high, but also very loud and obnoxious.


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Mutemaster is the second Disaster Master in charge of the Melody Kingdom along with Noisemaster. Unlike Noisemaster, he is large and quiet, with the ability to cover things with complete silence.

Rosemaster Edit

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Rosemaster is the fourth Disaster Master introduced in Cucumber Quest, and she resides in the Flower Kingdom. She has the ability to alter the memories of people with plant-based names, and in her super form, even control their minds.

Quakemaster Edit

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Quakemaster is the Disaster Master to first attack the Crystal Kingdom. He seems to have lava-based abilities, as well as the power to turn people to stone.

The Forsaken Master Edit

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Unlike the other seven Disaster Masters, the Forsaken Master was sealed away by the Nightmare Knight himself and, while it is unknown if it has a Disaster Stone, is not required to revive the Nightmare Knight. Sealed within the Glass Mountain in the Crystal Kingdom, the Stone Seal keeps the Forsaken Master and its terrifying powers at bay.

However, the Forsaken Master is no threat whatsoever to Cucumber and Co.

Glitchmaster Edit

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In Interlude 2, the Heroes were confronted by a very strange apparition, taking the form of the Nightmare Knight but with a pixellated appearance, pink/red eyes, and missing the Nightmare Knight's star on their chest.[3] Immediately prior to this, Cosmo had been teleported away, although they had begun saying a name, "Glitc--". It is commonly believed that this was Glitchmaster, the Disaster Master of the Space Kingdom, who was officially named by Rosemaster on Page 579.

Mistmaster Edit

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Mistmaster appears in Chapter 5, where the Nightmare Knight visits them. They are made up mostly of fog and mist, and seem to be in a miserable state. They are also claimed to be the source of all rain by the Nightmare Knight.