"Ohmygosh, rude!! It's, like, a total honor that Sir Tomato is even, like, talking to you!"
— Dame Lettuce [1]

Dame Lettuce was second-in-command of the BLT Trio and is currently part of a Caketown Castle defence duo with Sir Tomato. She is also Sir Tomato's biggest and maybe only fan. She is employed by Queen Cordelia as a Caketown guard.

Appearance Edit

Dame Lettuce has brown skin, dark green hair, and dark brown eyes. She is slightly but noticeably taller than Sir Tomato.

She wears the Caketown Castle knight uniform - a red cape, a waffle cone skirt, watermelon shoulder pads, striped tights and armsocks, and matching cake-like breastplates, gloves, and boots. She also wears a lettuce bow on her breastplate, as all the Caketown knights wear their namesake on their breastplates. Lettuce also wears lipstick, and possibly other cosmetics.

Like most of the characters in Cucumber Quest, Lettuce has bunny ears.


Dame Lettuce is known for being a bit ditzy, and speaking in a stereotypical valley girl accent. She thinks quite highly of her appearance. She also has a major crush on Sir Tomato, which is the basis for most of her decisions.

It is possible that her ditzy behavior is just an act that she puts on. For example, on page 480 she is scolding Sir Tomato for kicking Sir Bacon out of their trio in a serious manner but then makes a face and finished off her speech with "or, like, whatever??", completely changing her tone. This is also seen on page 482 & 483 when she corrects Sir Tomato and, after he gives her a confused look, proceeds to make a 'dumb' face. This behavior would indicate that she is smarter than she lets on, though, as of yet, there has been no clear proof of that being the case. Another indication of this is on page 678 when she says "I don't even know why I bother pretending to be a ditz, it's not like you actually listen to a word that comes out of my mouth."


As a knight, it's presumed she can use the sword currently in her inventory. Dame Lettuce also possesses the astounding ability to actually stand Sir Tomato, in addition to accurately recognizing and pronouncing certain french terms.


Dame Lettuce used to be allies with Sir Carrot. When Cordelia came in and started eliminating any knights who stood in her way, Lettuce and the other members of the BLT Trio quickly switched to her side.

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