"I do as the darkness commands."
— Dahlia

Dahlia was one of the contestants in the competition to see who would be the new "face" of R Magazine, and the honorary princess of the Flower Kingdom. She is the most recently eliminated contestant, and she was turned into stone by Peridot, who technically broke the rules.

Appearance Edit

Dahlia has pale skin, dark brown hair, and maroon eyes. She is the tallest of all the contestants, and has a slim build.

Dahlia wears a long sleeved black shirt with ruffled trim, a long black skirt, and two maroon skull rosettes in her hair. She also has a magical red stone attached to her shirt.

Personality Edit

Dahlia is shown to be monotone and vapid at the beginning, but when presented with a challenge from Almond she smiles for the first time and begins chanting a spell. It is possible that Dahlia's body is simply a mule for the 'Darkness' to convey their magic with.

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