January 25, 2019 by MGLVNA

    -Have blocked several users for innapropriate comments and deleted said comments

    -Have blocked users for vandalism/inserting gibberish into pages

    -Bacon's page has increased protection due to edit warring

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    April 6, 2017 by MGLVNA

    Alright, so this wikia is essentially abandoned. I left a message on the wall of the most recently active admin (who last edited in 2015, two years ago) and got no response. I would like to put a request in with wikia to adopt the place! That means I would become the new administrator. If you have concerns about this, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll send in the request next week.

    There are several things that can't be done to the wiki without an admin, like moderating users, deleting pages, and customizing the look of the place. I've created a bunch of pages, recently made a character navbox, and have the highest edit count on this wiki (including the now dormant adminship). 

    I hope we can make this wikia the best it can be! Again, pleas…

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  • Violet the Violent

    Which Cucumber Quest ships are your favorite? Mine are:

    Almond x Peridot

    Cucumber x Nautilus

    Sir Carrot x Princess Parfait

    That's all!

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